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Monday, November 14, 2016


The oak savannah of northern California is first cousin to the shrublands of the southern parf of the state.

The next three biomes covered in the Living World video lecture series of Arts and Academic Publishing include subtropical savannah, shrubland and desert.  These videos are compatible with the AP Environmental Science curriculum.

The examination of subtropical savannah focuses on the Kissimmee Prairie region of southern Florida, and considers its flora and the role of animals in sustaining this ecosystem.  It also examines its endemic fauna, including such species as the Caracara.  Exploration of the shrubland biome centers on the San Gabriel Mountains of southern California.  It considers the annual distribution of rainfall and the role of fire in sustaining this ecosystem.  It also considers the oak savannah of northern California and how this environment relates to these two biomes.  The video then crosses the southern California mountains and examines the high desert ecosystem that develops to the east in the rain shadow of these mountains.  It highlights the Joshua trees of the wetter portions of this desert, and also investigates animal species like the Gopher Tortoise and Spadefoot Toad and the adaptations that they possess for living in this environment.

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