Tuesday, August 9, 2016


The Portland, Connecticut floodplain of the Connecticut River experiencing a spring flood.
The sixth video under the heading of Earth Systems and Resources begins by examining the effects of dikes on major rivers in directing flooding to more downriver areas.  This redirection potentially increases the degree of flooding at downriver points.  The video then examines the concepts of aquifers, aquifer recharge and aquifer depletion, and discusses how in coastal areas aquifer depletion can lead to salt water intrusion.  The topic of water resources is concluded by reviewing major global problems that water conservationists face and exploring conservation solutions to some of these problems.

The video then shifts focus to soil resources and begins by discussing the major categories of rocks, their methods of formation, the chemistry of rocks and the rock cycle.  Special attention is given to the formation of coal.  To conclude the video, the roles of wind and water erosion are explored in relation to producing categories of soil particles.

As with other videos in this series, it is available through Arts and Academic Publishing- the publishing partner of Bird ConservationResearch, Inc.