Friday, March 23, 2012


The publicly supported foundation Bird Conservation Research, Inc. is offering a low cost, simple and unbiased alternative to traditional academic publishing outlets by opening our open access Contributions series to author submissions.  The series was originally established to make foundation research freely accessible to all.  BCR has a mission of conducting scientific research that drives conservation action.  In an era of fading professional societies, we are solvent, stable, growing and with an enormous online viewership.

Open access publications enjoy significant advantages in terms of visibility and frequency of citation.  Our series and associated blogs have high (generally first page) placement via search engines.  The greatly simplified submission procedures, greatly reduced publication costs and double-blind peer review process are described at our web site.  Publication costs are further discounted substantially to BCR members.

Submissions should deal with basic and applied avian research that has conservation implications.  They may be data papers, reviews, syntheses or commentaries.  We do not yet accept book-length manuscripts but expect to do so shortly.  As our Contributions are in a numbered series rather than in a journal issue format, papers immediately appear once accepted.  We base manuscript acceptance principally on whether we view a paper as providing information useful to other researchers in a field.

Submissions are welcome from anywhere in the world and are particularly encouraged from women and minority authors, researchers at small or non-academic institutions, researchers who have single author contributions, researchers with a limited publication budget, and new authors who may need assistance in achieving professional publication standards.

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