Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Bird Conservation Research, Inc. had its origins in grants from the business world, and to this day has never followed the standard non-profit money-begging model of annual appeals, auctions, and the like. Once a year we invite individuals to join as members in furthering our mission of community-based scientific research and environmental education, but we have never hassled them with additional financial requests. Instead, BCR generates revenue via grant-writing, book and cd sales and its open access online journal Bird Conservation Contributions.  Unlike many non-profits during these difficult economic times, we have remained on firm financial footing.

BCR is now joining with a new publisher whose web site will premier this winter. This new venture will feature several components- one that focuses on production of educational materials for the classroom and another that focuses on production of scholarly e-books.   Substantive literary works are to be offered through the e-book publishing arm as well.  A portion of all publishing sales are to be donated to BCR.

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